Friday, January 17, 2014

Uncle Heed

We spent the last few weeks of October and the first week of November soaking in as much time as we possibly could with Uncle Heed. He had recieved his mission call to Lima, Peru over the summer. He reported to the Peru MTC on 7 November 2013.
A few days before he left, Heeder came and spent the night at our house to help me with early morning Seminary the following day. After Seminary we spent the remainder of the day together. Roland and I took him to breakfast, then met Collin for lunch... In true Crouch Family fashion.

 I didn't realize how much I would miss Heeder until this sweetest thing happened... After lunch Roro and Uncle Heed needed a little nap. So they both snuggled up with our giant nonnie in our bed. I walked into my bedroom to find them both asleep. I felt my heart squeeze together so tightly as I thought of Ro not having his Uncle Heed around for two whole years! 
 I think Ro will remember his Uncle Heed when he sees him again. I imagine they will pick up - the best of buddies - right where they left off when he returns home.
Occasionally when I look at Ro he will have an expression on his face that looks just like an expression I have seen his Uncle Heed make my whole life. DNA is so strange! Every now and then - for just a second or two - I am cartwheeled back in time and see my little brother flash across Roland's face.

Dad, Collin, and John waiting for the Stake President to arrive to set Heeder apart as a missionary.

Luckily, I had gotten most of my emotions out before we met to wish him good-bye at the airport. He looked. So. Good.
And more important than that, he was ready and excited to serve the Lord in Peru! 

 We miss our Uncle Heed every day. We CANNOT wait to see him again in November 2015.
But more than that. 
We. Are. So. Proud. Of. Him. 
We feel so blessed to have him as a role model to our son. 
Roland is one lucky little nephew.