Thursday, January 16, 2014

Spooky Cute Fun

Trying to take a picture of three wiggly skeletons proved to be a tricky task! 
Adam and Lila bought Roland some super awesome skeleton jammies. When he wore his jammies we called him Esqueleto Ro!

Jaxon invited Roland along on his preschool field trip to Schneff Farms.

He had a FABULOUS time rolling around in the dirt and eating rocks.

 Cloey and Ro enjoyed playing around in the pumpkin patch.

I LOVED Roland's Halloween costume this year. It was an 8 dollar find at the Goodwill. It could not have been any cuter! Collin did not share my same same love for the costume. "It is too embarrassing," he said. "Ro is so embarrassed wearing that." Embarrassed or not, Ro sported the Mickey Mouse costume like he was the real Mickey himself! I made him a matching Mickey candy bag and he was set.

On Halloween Collin and I joined in on the fun and wore our Mickey shirts too! We trick-or-treated around Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood with all of Roro's cousins. We had a great time running from door to door collecting candy!