Thursday, January 16, 2014


If it was not for the clear, logical evidence all around me, I could almost convince myself that the month of September never actually happened. It whizzed by in such a blur, I never had the chance to tell it hello or goodbye!

Our time on Calle Del Norte came to an end. Ann and Bud made it home from their mission full of exciting stories and amazing life experiences. What a blessing their home had been to Collin and I for those 18 months. Because of their home we were able to graduate from ASU without student debt. And even more important, we were blessed with the ability to welcome our son into the world! Heavenly Father works in beautiful and mysterious ways. We will be forever grateful to Ann and Bud for sharing their home with us.

September was full of packing, packing, packing. Then unpacking, unpacking, unpacking! We moved into a cute little apartment just a mile north of Collin's office. He loves being so close to work. 

On moving day Mom and Heeder came in with quick feet, strong arms, and get-it-done attitudes! The three of us loaded up the entire trailer, then unloaded it all by ourselves. Mom and Heeder were moving machines! 

Ro, of course, was very helpful too...
...making sure all his bath-time toys made it over to the new house.

He was also very helpful with the unpacking...

...double checking every tub for any tasty snacks that might have been left behind.

Moving was exhausting! But we are so happy to be in a place of our own again. It is fun to look up at the pictures on the walls and see our little family.
The unpacking and organizing process lasted all month long. I am sure that is why September flew by in such a flash! It was consumed with de-cluttering, Goodwill runs, closet organizing, bin-packing, then unpacking, kitchen organizing, cleaning, sweeping, and sleeping.

However, we were never too busy to have a visit from Grandma!

Roland loves to play with his Grandma!

We discovered something pretty funny about Roland... He LOVES wallets! But more than the wallet itself, he LOVES the cards inside! 
Sneaking one out while "Da da" wasn't looking!!

He is most definitely our son... A shopper already!

Roland has become a lot more mobile. In addition to being able to move himself from place to place, he has also figured out how to make humongous messes! Which makes life a little more interesting for me. Much busier! And a lot more fun :]

Roland also learned how to drink from a bottle.
He LOVES milk, and is always asking for a "ba ba."