Monday, January 6, 2014

Pacific Beach

 This summer we took a trip to Pacific Beach in San Diego, CA. Roland and I flew over on Monday morning and met Emily, Adam and Lila. This was Ro's third airplane flight. The first two were pretty scary for him. Luckily this one was a bit easier.

We had so much fun those first few days -- just the Moms and the kids. We shopped, shopped, shopped! We spent time at the beach and played in the pool. Every night after the kids went to sleep we stayed up late watching cheesy Red Box movies and chatting.

 Unfortunately, Roland doesn't share my love of the beach... It's much too sunny for him!

 He is growing up overnight! The couches at the condo were the perfect height for him to practice his walking skills.

Here we are... shopping in action!

                                             Lila also enjoyed shopping... Especially at the Disney Store.

Roland LOVED following Adam around! Such a cool older cousin!

 We took the kids down to play at the beach one afternoon. 
It was a total failure for Ro... Sand. Sun. He was not having ANY of it!

Roland preferred to nap under a towel until we were ready to go. Poor guy.

 Even though the beach was not his style, this vacation was not a complete bust for Ro... He did find a few chocolate popsicles he thoroughly enjoyed! 

 Thursday night Collin and Casey drove over to PB after work. We were so happy to see Collin! We did some more shopping (of course, Colcol LOVES to shop!) and went to the beach again. Roland was still not a fan.

 Daddy sharing something to drink at pizza.

 We - of course - played a few games of Settlers of Zarahemla. I still, have yet to come out victorious. And Emily has finally forgiven Casey for stealing her win.

Sunday after church we spent the day exploring cliffs and watching sea lions. 

On our way out of town we stopped by a delicious soft serve ice cream shack. Collin - a true dip cone lover - had to try every flavor!