Saturday, January 18, 2014

Monster Party! Roland's 1st Birthday

Boy, oh boy! 
What a blast I had planning the details of Roland's 1st Birthday Party! 
Kylie helped me choose the theme...
Monster Party!
I started planning a few months in advance. 
I love the little details that go into planning parties. I had so much fun putting together each one!

We gave each of the kids who came a jar of bubbles. I drew little monster faces on them.
They were a hit with the older kids - who enjoyed running all over the grass and chasing each other.

In addition to the small details, I love when a party is super personal. 
I created this board to share all of Roland's favorite things.

We served Monster Nachos for dinner... Complete with Sweet Pork Monster Guts and Nacho Cheese Monster Boogers. Scrum-didilly-umshious.

After dinner we served cup cakes and ice cream. 
I don't think anyone enjoyed their cup cake as much as Ro enjoyed his!


We came back inside to open a few birthday gifts. Thankfully, everyone fit into our cozy little apartment! 

I am so grateful for everyone who came to celebrate with us, and share the love we have for our sweet little boy! I am especially grateful for all the family and friends who helped pull this little party together. Kylie and Marissa came the night before to help bake some desserts. We were up late into the night rolling sugar cookies and dipping strawberries. Then they came back hours before the party to help set up. Mom and Tessa were in the thick of party set up, too! Joe brought all the tables, linens, and chairs AND came in clutch by figuring out how turn turn our complex sprinklers off during the party! That was a relief! Emily and Lindsay brought some delicious homemade treats - which were completely devoured by the end of the evening.

I am so grateful to my Mom for taking all these pictures. She not only captured all the details of the party... she saved the day! In the madness of it all, I completely forgot to snap any pictures of my own. But I did manage to take a few of the aftermath...