Thursday, November 14, 2013

I am a Mother

I have always been a morning person. Ever since I was a little kid, something about the thought of greeting a fresh new day, right at the start, has always appealed to me. Bright and early. Soaking up every single little piece of sunlight. Not a drop gone wasted.

Collin and I used to plan that when we had teenagers; I would be the one to wake them up for early classes, and he would be the one to stay up late, making sure they were home before curfew. Collin loves to stay up late.

But tonight, our roles are reversed. I'm the one awake on the computer, and he is asleep at 9:45pm.

While I was laying down with Ro (who was snuggled into my armpit drinking his last ba-ba before bed) I was revisited by a thought I had, had earlier today. A few years ago I decided I wanted to do something to change the world - a mighty task, I know. I wanted so badly to do something new, something good, something that would make people's lives better. I wanted to create something awesome. Something that would improve the world we live in.

I suppose I didn't know how or what to do, because I never did anything.

Until today.

Today I realized I am changing the world. Roland's world. Everything he knows, everything he does.
 I am a mother.
 I don't have to be published in a newspaper, write a blog with a million followers, or even run for political office. I change the world every day by teaching my son that life is good. By teaching him that there are people to serve,  friends to be made, souls to save, things to be learned, lessons to be discovered, and a Heavenly Father who has designed a Plan, just for Ro, to help Him reach his fullest potential. 

Because, in the end, it really is not any one of us who changes the world. Our Savior already did that. He reaches out His hand with the invitation to us, "Come, follow me." 

And that will change the word.