Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Little Here, A Little There

I recently switched cell phone carriers, and thus, had to purchase a new cell phone. I actually quite like my new phone. (At first I was afraid I wouldn't. Collin told me this new phone was the best out there. Turns out he was right!) To help pay for the new phone, we sold my old iPhone on Craigslist. While Ro and I waited on the buyer in the Circle K parking lot, Ro figured he'd try his hand at driving the car. 
He was a natural.

Daddy and Roland love to watch ESPN together. Spots Center is their favorite show. I like the top 10 plays of the day.

 Twins in their sky blue polo shirts and seer sucker shorts.

 Little Baby Ro and Ruger the Big Black Dog

Roland found Daddy's baseball bat. One of these days he will be swinging it just like his daddy!

 Life is always much more fun with Auntie Kylie around. She turns a regular bath into a bubble bath!

 And she always lets Roland watch all his favorite videos on her phone.