Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Growing Boy Has Got To Eat!

We spend a lot of our time over here eating. It's a cycle we repeat all day long. Eat, play, eat, sleep, diaper change, eat, sleep, eat, diaper change - with, of course, a few other fun things thrown in the mix!

Classic Roland... squeezing his fists and grunting, "MMMM!" (I wish I had a better picture of his grunting face.) What he is really saying is, "Give me more!"

 Learning to suck through a straw was a pretty exciting step - for both Ro and his mom. Now that he has figured it out, he wants a sip of everything!

Having some breakfast with Lila Bug.

Eating something delicious with Daddy.

L O V I N G shredded cheese! 

Chomping down on a tasty apple... Which was especially helpful during teething.

 Enjoying lunch with his second cousin Blayke.