Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Trip to Visit Great-Grandma Gosch

 For Spring Break we decided to take a trip up to Denver, CO to visit Grandma Gosch. John rented a van, and we all piled in for the 14 hours drive up to Denver! Roland and I were lucky enough to get the backseat (which meant we didn't have to drive!) He was such a good boy! He slept almost the entire drive up and the entire drive back.

When we arrived we were so happy to see Grandma Gosch! She looked lovely. And her house was perfectly clean. Collin, Roland and I got our own room in the basement, complete with electric blanket. Collin always says, "Ro is so cute when he's sleeping!" So he had me take a picture.

The next day Collin was terribly sick! We were worried he might not be healthy enough to go snowboarding the next day... But miraculously he made it through!

We spent an entire day snowboarding with our Gosch cousins. Roland hung out in the lodge while we traded off snowboarding and baby-sitting. He was quite a hit with all the skiing grandmas.

We went to visit the Simmons cousins and had a big family dinner. It was so much fun to be around everyone!

Collin and my very favorite part of the trip was staying up late playing cards with Grandma! We spent many hours around the table strategizing and laughing together.

Collin's cousin Alex went through the temple for the first time while we were in Denver. After the session, Aunt Pam had some Gosch family names to seal. We got to be apart of it.

We drove past the home Collin was brought home to after he was born. 

Grandma told us lots of great family stories. Our favorite story took place just after Grandma graduated from high school. She took the train from Idaho, to her sister's house where she lived while she attended college. After her year of schooling ended, she took the train back to Idaho. On on that same train were some of the soldiers traveling home from fighting in WWII. One solider in particular thought Grandma was especially beautiful. So much, to the point that he would not leave her alone! The train made a stop in Cheyenne, Wyoming. In order to get away from her new suitor, Grandma decided she would hide away in the train station bathroom. She would wait there until she heard her train called to leave the station. After some time, she had not heard her train called. She decided she had better go and ask person behind the desk when her train would be leaving. Only then did she discover the train had already left! Grandma had no way of communicating to her parents - who would be worried sick - that she would be arriving a day late! After taking some time to asses her situation, Grandma found some lodging. The next day she took the next train home to Idaho. Safe and sound :]

Grandma had a book full of family photos. The gentleman on the bottom right is named John. He was uncle of Bud Gosch and helped raise him. He is the man who John Delbert, John Collin, and John Roland are all named after.

Grandma and Baby Ro... The oldest and the youngest Gosch!

Four generations of Goschs. (Such a handsome bunch!)

(I had to sneak in a picture too!)