Thursday, May 23, 2013

Here and There

I'm so lucky. Everywhere I go I get to pack around this cute little travel companion. Roland hardly complains. He's just happy to be where I am.

Handsome boys ready for church.

Nap time. Roland's cuddling in the blanky I made for him. This little guy has more blankets than he could possibly ever use! He's pretty well loved :]

He wasn't so sure what to make of Darla and Jaymus at lunch...


Being snugly with Cousin Adam.

Classic Roland face.

Loving on Pops and Grandpa.

I took him shopping in this outfit and he kept getting complimented on his hat! Very handsome.

Another hat of his. I made this one!

Roland is always a big help with the laundry. It's become part of our daily routine!