Thursday, May 23, 2013

Here and There

I'm so lucky. Everywhere I go I get to pack around this cute little travel companion. Roland hardly complains. He's just happy to be where I am.

Handsome boys ready for church.

Nap time. Roland's cuddling in the blanky I made for him. This little guy has more blankets than he could possibly ever use! He's pretty well loved :]

He wasn't so sure what to make of Darla and Jaymus at lunch...


Being snugly with Cousin Adam.

Classic Roland face.

Loving on Pops and Grandpa.

I took him shopping in this outfit and he kept getting complimented on his hat! Very handsome.

Another hat of his. I made this one!

Roland is always a big help with the laundry. It's become part of our daily routine!

A few of Roland's favorite things...

1. His pasi.

2. Talking

3. Burying his face in his blankies. 

Kissing Cousins

 Roland and Cloey at Grandpa's birthday dinner. We tricked John into thinking he'd be the one paying for his own birthday dinner... Not so! When the check came out, rather than finding a bill inside hefound a birthday card. We're pretty sneaky.


 After a hopeful and prayerful few days we were excited to 
find out that we would be staying in
Phoenix! Collin interviewed with a company just down the street
called Drivetime. A few days later he accepted a position to work with their Quantitative Analyst team in the corporate office. 
Congratulations Collin! You rock.