Friday, February 22, 2013

An Apple A Day

Baby Ro and I love to go hiking.

 Tasting an apple for the first time... Mmmm!

 It snowed in The Valley!!

Millar Cousins

You never know what sorts of adventures you'll embark on
when you're hanging out with the Millar cousins.
 First we built the Great Wall of China.
 Then we played Pirates. 

The whole family went to support Hayden and
his bike "Bone Saw" at his BMX race.

Photo bomb by Grandma Gosch!

I Mustache You a Question...

Lions, Tigers, and Bears. Oh my!

Roland had his first trip to the zoo.

He didn't seem to care too much about the animals...
 ...but he sure did look cute!

Talking to Nanny

Uncle Heed

Binkie Boy, Just Like His Daddy

 Baby Ro loves to snuggle up to a blankey and suck on his pasi.

The Tree Fort

 My cousin Emily and her husband are building their son a pretty
fantastic tress house.
 While the boys were in charge of all the heavy lifting, sawing, nailing and drilling,
the girls were in charge of picking flowers for the window boxes.

Happy Valentine's Day

Collin surprised me with a bunch of pink flowers and a few chocolates (our ONLY cheat since starting P90X 5 weeks ago!) on the night before Valentine's Day. He always remembers to surprise me with things that are my favorite color. I love you Colcol!
 I made a few Valentines and sent them out to my best girlfriends.
These are my 3 favorite girlfriends!
We celebrated Valentine's Day with the Crouchs. 
Nanny recently bought Baby Ro a new pasi. It became the theme of
our Valentine's Day dinner...