Thursday, August 23, 2012

We've had a lot of fun things going on around here the past few weeks!
Some boring things too, but mostly fun.

Collin had his first day of school as full-time Master's student today.
I wanted to wake up and pack him a brown paper sack full of 
Cheeze-Itz, apple slices, juice box, and PB&J sandwich!
Buuuuut that didn't happen... 
I'm sure he prefers a $2 slice of pizza to a smushy PB&J anyway :]

Roland is GROWING!
Sometimes I feel so stuffed, I can't move so good.
I can now officially see him kicking me
and not just feel it. 
He's super active.

I have a zillion projects building up in my "Crafting Queue" right now!
Number one on the priority list is the baby crib.
My Dad - the Craigslist King - found this one a few
months ago for a screamin' deal.
My vision is to paint it RED.
With a little bit of professional guidance from our brother in law Brad
we've made quite a bit of progress on it!


Collin took care of handling all the heavy duty machinery.

And I got in on the painting action.

We get more excited for our baby boy everyday. Saturday we
happened to find ourselves driving by a Carter's Baby Clothing store.
So we popped in.
And look what we found! A matching
shirt to one of Collin's favorites. We just couldn't pass that up:]