Thursday, August 23, 2012

Graduation ceremonies for the C&T Gosch family
this May were almost a 2 week affair. 
It was kinda strange to send Collin off to school this morning knowing
that I'll never have a first-day-of-school again. We'll still have at least one 
more graduation to celebrate for Collin. But as for me, this was it!
It was quite a grand finale.

My iTeachAZ Cohort held a graduation celebration for the 21
 students who completed the program in May.
This was my sweet mentor Jenny!

I'm pretty sure my dad has never made the Pitch Fork sign 
in his life... And apparently he doesn't plan to. (He's
a Wildcat through and through - so we won't hold it against him!)

This is the blanket I sewed for our Site Coordinator as a thank you gift.

Brianna and Pooja, two of my favorite classmates.

Collin's commencement ceremony was the most engaging graduation I've 
ever been to. Halfway through reading the names his college
dean had the entire audience do the wave.

My commencement ceremony was not quite as exciting as his. 
It still felt incredible to be graduating!

Three generations of elementary school teachers.