Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our baby boy is now 22weeks old!
At our last appointment 2 weeks ago, he measured just a little above average
in size. My belly had reached 21cm. He is progressing right along!
Here are his little feet. He's gotten very good
at using them! Since feeling him move for the first time, it sometimes seems as though he 
never stops moving. The ultrasound tech had a hard time snapping a 
picture of his profile. He just wouldn't sit still!
His pile of clothes and blankets and diapers
is beginning to grow, with much thanks to our family and friends.
He was even spoiled with an early birthday gift from some of our friends...
Baby Toms! 
We can't wait to meet you baby Roland! 
We get more excited every day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How you know your husband belongs in a technology store:

1. Enters mall wearing Velcro sandals with jeans.

2. Exits, two days later, wearing Velcro sandals with basketball shorts.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Our 4th of July started out with the annual Arcadia Neighborhood
Independence Day Parade! It was quite the event.

Collin (and his new water cup) with Adam and his prize winning Parade Float!
We were so amazed with the weather. It was cloud cover all day long. 
We even got a few sprinkles of rain!

Kylie, Joe and Tessa came and spent some time with
us during the afternoon. While the boys talked technology,
the girls - of course - did a festive craft.

We ended the evening at the Goschs where we did fireworks in the street.
Collin and Brad put on quite the show!

Can you see Baby Boy in my tummy? 
He's getting bigger everyday!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

On Friday we had our 18 week ultrasound. 
We're having a BOY!!
Knowing the baby's gender has made 
his soon-to-be-arrival into our family feel just a bit 
more real. I can't wait to meet him for the first
time! I hope he looks just his Dad :]