Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Collin inspired me to begin writing again.
So many changes have happened to our little family, I can't think
of a better time to begin writing them all down!

In February we moved to Phoenix, leaving behind our little one bedroom apartment and a ward full of friends. It was tough for us to leave our callings in the Primary and Young Men organizations. We came to love those kids so much! My great-aunt and uncle had been called on a mission and were looking for a couple to care for their home in their absence. We were the ones for the job! We've been here just under 3 months and already feel apart of the ward and neighborhood. Immediately I was placed into the Young Women's program (taking on some hefty duties from the Stake for Girl's Camp as well!) A few weeks later Collin received a call to serve in the Elder's Quorum. (Truly a perfect fit for him!) It's a challenge being nearly an hour away from our family, but in just 3 months we have begun to love our life in Phoenix.

Last weekend we graduated from Arizona State University.

I can't believe it. With the exception of one more year to finish Collin's Master's Degree, we are FINISHED with school! As I was listening to one of the speakers during one of the four ceremonies we attended over the past week, I began to tune out, and think of my own college experience. What were the most defining and life changing moments for me during the past 4 years at Arizona State? It quickly became apparent that those moments did not come in any of the typical lecture-style-poke-my-eyes-out classroom settings. Nor did they have to do with the homework I completed or the GPA I achieved. They came because of my church. They came because of my involvement with the classes and the people at the LDS Institute. They came because of the girls I lived with, the activities I engaged in, the races I ran and the training it took. They came because of Collin. I'm so thankful to all the people who played a part in my life since the Fall of 2008. My parents, my institute instructors, my teachers, friends and husband. Looking back, I realized it was all of these things, piece by piece, that lead me to the man I married, and who I am today...

...a happy, crafty wife, about to become the one thing I've wanted to be my entire life; a mom!