Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Last Thursday we went in for our first doctor's appointment. 
We were surprised and delighted to find out that we would also be receiving our first ultrasound! It was amazing to actually see the tiny baby inside me. Truly a miracle. The baby began to wave his or her hand back and forth. The baby was waving to us! 
(Although, if you ask Collin, the baby was actually making a 
pitchfork and saying "Go Devils." A true fan already.)
I'm starting to get a little chubbier everyday. 
This is so fun!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Collin inspired me to begin writing again.
So many changes have happened to our little family, I can't think
of a better time to begin writing them all down!

In February we moved to Phoenix, leaving behind our little one bedroom apartment and a ward full of friends. It was tough for us to leave our callings in the Primary and Young Men organizations. We came to love those kids so much! My great-aunt and uncle had been called on a mission and were looking for a couple to care for their home in their absence. We were the ones for the job! We've been here just under 3 months and already feel apart of the ward and neighborhood. Immediately I was placed into the Young Women's program (taking on some hefty duties from the Stake for Girl's Camp as well!) A few weeks later Collin received a call to serve in the Elder's Quorum. (Truly a perfect fit for him!) It's a challenge being nearly an hour away from our family, but in just 3 months we have begun to love our life in Phoenix.

Last weekend we graduated from Arizona State University.

I can't believe it. With the exception of one more year to finish Collin's Master's Degree, we are FINISHED with school! As I was listening to one of the speakers during one of the four ceremonies we attended over the past week, I began to tune out, and think of my own college experience. What were the most defining and life changing moments for me during the past 4 years at Arizona State? It quickly became apparent that those moments did not come in any of the typical lecture-style-poke-my-eyes-out classroom settings. Nor did they have to do with the homework I completed or the GPA I achieved. They came because of my church. They came because of my involvement with the classes and the people at the LDS Institute. They came because of the girls I lived with, the activities I engaged in, the races I ran and the training it took. They came because of Collin. I'm so thankful to all the people who played a part in my life since the Fall of 2008. My parents, my institute instructors, my teachers, friends and husband. Looking back, I realized it was all of these things, piece by piece, that lead me to the man I married, and who I am today...

...a happy, crafty wife, about to become the one thing I've wanted to be my entire life; a mom!