Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's Christmas Time!

Or I guess I should say it was Christmas time?
Either way, it's been a wonderful break! Just before the festivities 
really kicked off, and after the crazy rush of finals 
ended, Kylie & Joe and Collin & me headed
up to Park City for a few days of 
winter weather.
(Thank you 76 degrees today.
Love AZ in January!)

One of our favorite parts of Park City is a
delicious little pizza place right on Main St.
That cup was full of banana milk shake before I slurped it up!
Best banana milk shake in the world.

 Everybody got a new pair 
of sneaks for Christmas this year! Tessa's hot pink
won my nomination for coolest shoes ever.

Crouch/Coxon extended family. MERRY CHRISTMAS :]