Friday, July 22, 2011

In West Philadelphia Born and Raised

About 3 weeks ago, Collin and I were on the way home 
from New York City. It was well after midnight, and unfortunately he
had to be up and out the door the next morning by 7 am.
Therefore, it was up to me to make the 3 hour drive...
Alone. In the dark.
The drive consisted mostly
of long, dark highways. (There aren't many street lights 
on the highways of the East Coast.) However! We did drive through
one really fancy, bright city called 
(Pronounced Fee-la.)
The next day I told Collin all about the fantastic, flashy city of Phila!
(Remember, pronounced Fee-la.)

Did you know that the word Philadelphia has 12 letters in it?
Uh, huh. 
Did you also know that the freeway-sign-makers-of-Pennsylvania
came up with a great idea in order not to have to use all12 of those letters?
They simply shorten the word to
Uhhhhh, hello!!! 
Collin got a real big laugh outta that last weekend on 
our real drive to Philadelphia.

First and foremost on our list of things to do in Philadelphia 
was, of course,
Philly Cheese Steaks!
There are 2 steak shops in downtown Philly that are known
to be the best in town. And they juuuuust happen to be conveniently located
right across the street from one another.
Well, I'm sure you can see how 
this presented a terrible problem for Collin.
So, he simply had to try one from each!
You tell the guy behind the counter,
"One Wiz Wit!"
(Wit - How true Philadelphians pronounce the word "with."
Oh and Wiz, that means cheese!)
 The question then is...
Who makes the best Cheese Steak?
The jury's still out...
But, after trying both, Collin declared 
Geno's the best Cheese Steak in Philadelphia!

After the Cheese Steak battle had been settled
we lined up for our chance to
go inside Independence Hall where the Founding Fathers 
constructed the United States Constitution.

 (He's so cute!)
Thank you Philadelphia for fabulous Cheese Steaks and governmental structure :]