Monday, June 13, 2011

The Windy City

The City was beautiful. The buildings were a mix of old and
new architecture. I loved looking up at the skyline!
(He's so cute!)
(Buckingham Fountain)
The other thing that amazed me about Chicago
was that this humongous city was built up right on the edge
of a lake, a very, very large lake! Not an ocean, a lake.
A lake so large, that you can't even see to
the other side. I'd never seen such a thing!
Collin and I spent the first half of our day meandering through
the city park.
Then, we bought an all-day visitor's pass to the transportation systems,
and took a bus downtown to the shopping district,
Magical Mile.
And it was magical!
Especially the Ghirardelli chocolate shop :]
We of course shared a hot fudge brownie sundae.
MUCH, to Collin's delight the Cubs had a home game that evening!
We took the "L" from the downtown city
out to Wrigley Field.
We bought some tickets when we arrived from some scalpers outside.
Collin was in heaven;
a Chicago Dog inside Wrigley Stadium.
What more could a boy ask for?
The Stadium was so old school! My favorite
part was the scoreboard.
Each inning, the numbers had to be changed by hand!
During the course of the game we hopped around to a few different seats.
All in all Chicago was a blast!
After the game we took the subway back to the parking garage
and got in the car to drive another 4 hours to our next destination!