Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Last Stop Before PA

Kirtland, Ohio
Collin and I agreed, Kirtland was our very favorite stop along
all the Church history sights.
I think a lot of that had to do with the
family who ran this store over 150 years ago.
Newel K. and his wife Elizabeth Ann Whitney were extraordinary people.
This table, this actual table, is a place where the Prophet Joseph
sat and taught his friends the gospel.
It resides in the top of the Whitney Store, next
to the room where the School of the Prophets was held.
Just down the path from the Whitney Store is a saw mill.
This was once a major source of income for the early Kirtland Saints.
We also had an opportunity to visit the Kirtland Temple!
Much like the Nauvoo Temple, you drive up a little hill, come around a corner, and
there it is! It was beautiful! An what was really neat, many
of the furnishings inside were the originals.
After Kirtland, we hopped in the car to drive another 5 hours
until we came to the close of this awesome journey.

Collin and I experienced so many
wonderful things! I now have a deeper
appreciation for this beautiful country.
I feel a greater scene of patriotism having seen
it the whole way across.