Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mile High

Hellooooooo Ohio!
We made it over the Rockey Mountains, through Tornado Alley (thankfully unscathed), and over
the Mississippi River to Milen, Ohio - a tiny farm town at
the very top of the state.

But, before we skip around too much, I'll pick up where we left off.
At Grandma's. In Denver.

Grandma Gosch greeted us with a very happy, warm welcome!
It was about 11:30pm when we arrived.
So after hugs and happy greetings we headed straight downstairs to sleep.

We spent the next day enjoying cousins, and aunts, and
second cousins, and brothers, and family galore.
It was wonderful.
Upon retiring for the night,
on her way down the hall to bed Grandma Gosch
turned around to tell us,
"You know, my family is everything to me."
And we really felt it.

The next day was spent seeing the sights of Downtown Denver!
Popping up along the main street in the shopping district are beautiful upright pianos!
There were tons of them! Every so often
as you were walking down the street one would show up!
Sometimes someone would even be playing.
As it turns out, the city of Denver puts them out every year
during the summer time.
Each piano is painted differently (this one happened to be ice cream themed.)
And as it turned out, this was day number ONE
of the pianos being out on the street this year!
Denver is so artsy!
I was awe of everything.
On a chain-link fence - surrounding a construction sight - were crochet flowers!
I've been doing a lot of crochet on our drive,
and it was so fun to see some beautifully displayed downtown.
I love love love love love muffins.
- Not to mention, they're are one of the only things
I can make without actually burning the house down - Collin will validate. :)
Anyway, what you're looking at is
a strawberry cheesecake muffin. Heaven!
Right before heading into the Rockey Mountain Chocolate Factory
(which was actually IN (almost) the Rockies!)
Collin, Camden and John were inspired
by some art in the courtyard.
Baseball has become a little sub-theme of our trip.
By 9:30am the next we had hit the road again.
[Insert "On the road againnnn..." lyrics here.]

We had so much fun staying with Grandma in Denver!
We feel blessed to have such wonderful family.
Thank you Grandma for touring us around the Mile High City, cooking us dinners,
and providing doughnuts for breakfast!
We love you!