Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hello Saturday Morning - Let's Go Rappelling!

7:30am Saturday morning we were out the door
and headed for the great outdoors!
It doesn't take long to get to the 'great outdoors'
in Pennsylvania.. Even if you live in a well developed neighborhood,
you simply walk 30 steps out
your back door and you're in the forest again.
It's great!

And the fireflies are like nothing you'd ever seen before!
They're truly a miracle of nature;
bright, florescent, tiny beams of
light! Coming out of a very slow flying bug!
On for one second,
then off the next.
They're everywhere, especially the tall grass and trees.

We wound through the PA back roads,
taking us through cherry orchards
and groves of apple trees.
The hundreds of bright red cherries popped right
out on the green background of their mother tree!
I'd never seen cherry trees before, and to see so many at
once was another of nature's little miracles!

When we arrived at our destination
(which was almost EXACTLY at the halfway point along the Appellation
Trail - which begins in Georgia and goes all the way to Maine)
we hiked a few minutes to the top of a small cliff.

it was do or die!
I'd like to sound brave and say I wasn't scared,
but hanging over that cliff was
Luckily, after you made it over the initial drop, it was super fun!
Our new friends! Bishop and Linda (top right)
and the Yopse family (to the left.)

Bishop is the rappelling extraordinaire.
We had a blast.
(With the exception of the THREE snakes we stumbled upon!
I'm not sure which was more frightening;
hanging over a cliff or the snakes?)