Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And The Journey Rolls On :]

The next stop along our journey was
Independence, Missouri.
But before we got to Independence, we had a very close encounter
with the gas in our gas tank, or rather, the lack of
gas in our gas tank!
THANKFULLY neither Collin nor I
ended up having to push our car to Zion. But it sure scared us a little!
Independence was a really beautiful place to be.
To think of all that has happened, and is yet to happen on those sacred grounds is
very humbling and exciting.

Just a few days prior to our arrival in Independence, a terrible
tornado hit the town and surrounding area of Joplin, MO.
While inside the Visitor's Center in Independence, Collin and I met a family from Joplin.
The relayed to us some of the sadness and destruction, but also shared
the hope and unity occurring in the community
as a result of the devastation.
In connection with the Mormon Helping Hands, wards, stakes, and community
members had begun pitching in; to comfort one another, and begin
the tremendous task of rebuilding their community.

Kitty-corner to the Independence Visitor's Center (above) is a plot of land
where the early Saints dedicated for a temple be built in the Last Days.
The state of Missouri placed this fabulous blue historical
marker to commemorate the site!
It was wonderful being in Missouri learning of the Saints who once
lived there and the sacrifices they made
to leave their homes and continue pressing forward.

We also had the opportunity to visit Liberty Jail. This is where the
Prophet Joseph, his brother Hyrum, and 4 other men
were held, without cause. In March of 1839, amid the terrible living conditions
the Prophet received revelations found in Doctrine and Covenants 121, 122, and 123.
"Therefore, dearly beloved brothern,
let us cheerfully do all things
that lie within our power; and then may we
stand still, with the utmost assurance,
to see the salvation of God,
and for his arm to be revealed."
D&c 123:17
This is the actual jail site. Standing in the lower room, Collin's (6'2")
head would graze the ceiling.

Along with all the things we learned,
and the encouragement we felt during our short stay in Missouri,
Collin discovered he will be just fine is Zion...
They have QTs!!!
Before we got too far down the road,
we made our way to Kansas City to experience one of the
"1000 Things To Do Before You Die..."
Arthur Bryant's BBQ.
After totally enjoying our meat/pork fest,
we texted my dad to tell him what a great dive we had just
indulged in. Collin and I were discussing
how much he would have loved this place. We wondered
if he had ever been in KC, and if he had, did we think he'd eaten here?
Sure enough,
when the text reply came
We love you Dad!