Monday, May 9, 2011

Ode To Hats

Collin and I love hats.
Standing next to our front door there's a hat rack
he collected sometime during
his bachelor years,
and in our bedroom you'll see our closet wall
lined with hats!

Even though we love them, it's unfortunate
that here in America we just don't know how to wear hats.
Sure, we've got baseball caps and fitted hats
and the fine Ladies from the Red Hat Club.
Yes we have the Kentucky Derby
(which brings out some very
fabulous hats, but that only occurs once a year!)
Our hats are simply nothing compared to
our England ancestors
who SERIOUSLY know how to wear hats!
Big hats, little hats, hats with ribbons, pink hats, green hats,
flower hats, clip on hats,party hats, and wedding hats.
They really know how to wear hats.

I, personally, would like to take a moment to thank
Princess Kate and the good ladies
of Westminster Abby for having not only made the Royal Wedding
and fairy tale in real life, but for also sharing
their shining example of hat expertise!

I think it's time
the American women
on board too :]