Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Magical Mile

Welpp, we just popped into an Apple store in Chicago.
We've been wandering the streets, eating chocolate and deep dish
Chicago style pizza!
(Collin looooooved the pizza, I loved the chocolate!)
Mmmm :]
The weather is crazy here... We've
yet to see the sun today, but it's
still quite toasty?
(Hence the nick-name, Windy City.)
We're having a blast, and are absolutely exhausted!

We miss and love all our family!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Departing Passengers; Please Report To The Civic

And so it begins!
I was thinking today how hard it is to believe
it's only been a week since the beginning of our adventure and we've seen so much!
A few hours ago Collin and I were sitting on a bench looking
across the Mississippi River. He turned to me
and asked,
"Did you ever think we'd be sitting here together,
in Nauvoo, Illinois?"
We're so far away from home!
What if someone had handed me a snapshot of he and I, at that moment, a
year and a half ago? (Just 14 days after our first date)

I probably would had peed in my pants.

And now, I cannot believe how unbelievably lucky I
am to be here.. in this exact spot.. right now!
Looking back I've come to the conclusion that life is
unpredictable, crazy, far from perfect, kinda scary,
and totally and completely fun!

Our adventure begins at the beginning of last week.
Collin and I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning trying to pack
everything we possibly could, into as few
bags as humanly possible.

(But don't worry, that tied-dyed bag there in the back... is completely dedicated to shoes.)

Our first destination point was Denver, CO to visit Grandma Gosch.
The drive would take approximately 14 hours, but I think it took almost 16 - you'll understand why by the end of our post.
Collin's brother Camden also made the drive with us.
Collin drove the ENTIRE SIXTEEN HOURS into Denver,
with the exception of only 25 minutes
when he gave the wheel to Camden after he reached a point of complete exhaustion.
(He is seriously a road warrior.)

However, every road warrior needs plenty of fuel;
Diet Mountain Dew and Albertos!
On our way out of AZ we thought we had passed the last of the Albertos Taco Stands.
And Collin told us - about 10 times - how
mush he regretted not stopping for a burrito at what we thought was our last chance.
But lo and behold! Colcol sniffed one out!
Camden and I practically died laughing when we crested
a desert horizon and there popped up
that yellow Albertos sign!

Everyone will, of course, agree that Jimmy Eat World is THE GREATEST
band the state of Arizona has EVER produced.
So, of course, we had to have a Jimmy Eat World Battle for the first 4
hours of our car ride.

And here are the rules:
1. Collect all of the J.E.W. songs on your iPod, make a playlist, and put it on shuffle.
2. Everyone in the vehicle guesses which song and album they think might come up next.
Here's how the scoring works:
If you guess the song and album correctly you are awarded 5 points.
If you only guess the album correctly you are awarded 1.
BUT, if no one guesses the next song or album correctly,
1 BONUS point is up for grabs
if you can correctly name the song and album before
anyone else in the car.
But you only get one guess.

Clearly Camden smoked us!
And he can officially be declared as having the greatest well of
Jimmy Eat World knowledge ever. Period.

The northern Arizona dessert was beautiful.

While up that direction, we decided to take a smaaaaall detour..

(Kissing in four different states!)

Once we crossed over into Colorado our tummies began rumbling.
Cortez, Co turned out to be the perfect little spot for dinner!
I almost jumped out the passanger's side window
when we passed Mr. Happy's!
A yellow bakery and cafe.. called Mr. Happy's.. GREATEST EVER!!!

(Need I say anymore?)

Slowly as we drove further and further into Colorado,
we began to watch the scenery
change from cactus and tumbleweeds...
to the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains complete with
endless pine trees and waterfalls.

And what the heck? There was STILL snow!
We were definitely not prepared for how cold it was!
It's hard to believe, living in AZ, that there is actually anywhere else in the world
isn't 100 degrees in the month of May and blazing hot?

Around 11pm Colorado time we rolled into Grandma Gosch's,
totally happy to be there. :]

(Stay tuned in as the adventure unfolds!)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Tonight for dinner we're having
cheese manicotti,
the microwaveable kind.
I've simply accepted the fact that I just do not like to cook.
That of course does not mean I'll stop trying
to like it... It just means more pb&js, more cold cereal,
more crackers with cheese, and more
oatmeal - some of my very favorite dishes!

Well, the manicotties just came fresh out
of the microwave, (is that and oxymoron? ha) and I must say,
not bad for a meal in 5 minutes.
Even though I don't really like cooking,
I do love a lot of things.
A clean house, my wonderful husband,
our very hairy dog, creating things, our family,
and most recently, reading.

Friday, May 13, 2011


As a last minute decision
handsome husband and I made the 32 minute
trek South
to spend the night with my family :]
At 5:30 am Dad had us all up
and heading out to
hike the mountains behind their house.
It was a beautiful morning!

Poor Izzy though, she went
running through the desert in pursuit
jack rabbit and came hobbling
back with cactus stickers
in TWO of her paws.
It took three of us to hold her down
and pull those bad boys out.
Poor Isabelley!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ode To Hats

Collin and I love hats.
Standing next to our front door there's a hat rack
he collected sometime during
his bachelor years,
and in our bedroom you'll see our closet wall
lined with hats!

Even though we love them, it's unfortunate
that here in America we just don't know how to wear hats.
Sure, we've got baseball caps and fitted hats
and the fine Ladies from the Red Hat Club.
Yes we have the Kentucky Derby
(which brings out some very
fabulous hats, but that only occurs once a year!)
Our hats are simply nothing compared to
our England ancestors
who SERIOUSLY know how to wear hats!
Big hats, little hats, hats with ribbons, pink hats, green hats,
flower hats, clip on hats,party hats, and wedding hats.
They really know how to wear hats.

I, personally, would like to take a moment to thank
Princess Kate and the good ladies
of Westminster Abby for having not only made the Royal Wedding
and fairy tale in real life, but for also sharing
their shining example of hat expertise!

I think it's time
the American women
on board too :]

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hey, do you play soccer?

Well, since Collin and I have joined our soccer
team we're way more athletic, lost tons of lbs, and have improved our foot-eye
coordination exponentially.
Ok, all of those things mentioned above might be a sliiiight exaggeration..
But it's sure nice wishing :]

The truth about our soccer team
is that every Friday night is a TOTAL blast!
All of our siblings combined
minus only 2
play on the team with us!
The rest is made up lots of friends.

I had no idea Collin has some serious soccer skills till we played in our first game!
Granted, he's a pretty talented guy.
But now I can also add soccer to his list of abilities.

We love when Friday nights roll around.
Spending quality time with a lot of our most favorite people
and running around breathless is the funnest way to end the school week!