Monday, April 25, 2011

We Will Live Again

This weekend my family had the beautiful opportunity
to celebrate the life of our Aunt Cathie.
Just 6 months ago, Aunt Cathie was diagnosed with cancer.
2 weeks ago our Father in Heaven called her home.

How grateful I am to know where she is now,
and that she is happy and safe.
Her funeral was both difficult and joyous.
What an opportunity it was to share our love for her
with all her dear friends.
She loved the color pink. And so - at
her request - the family all wore pink. We had pink
flowers, pink ties, pink table cloths, and pink headbands.

Another thing Aunt Cat loved to do was cook..
(and we're talking SERIOUS cooking here!)
She not only cooked for our family numerous meals,
but catered for wedding receptions and bridal showers as
well. As a tribute to her talent, her dear friends, nieces, and sisters
put together a cookie table for all to sample after the
service. Each of the cookie recipes was one she
loved to make taken from her personal cookie recipe book.

How grateful I am to know that through the
Atonement of Jesus Christ I will see my Aunt Cathie again.
How grateful I am to know that through
the ordinances preformed in The Lord's holy temple
Collin and I can be sealed together with our family for the eternities,
and not just 'death do us part.'
I know that after Christ was crucified
He was resurrected, and that He lives
with the Father today. He is my advocate
and my friend.

"He is not here, but is risen."
Luke 24:6