Monday, April 18, 2011

Those Lemon Bars Are Probably Really Kicking In

I can't believe school is almost over?
Whoever decided the
semester should
end is one of my favorite
people right now.
(Thank you President Crow.)


My sister and I decided it's time
to take action and stop being out of shape. We wanted
to take kind of a different approach. We
decided to come up
with a total number of miles to run before the
week reaches Friday.
You can run as many
miles day as you want, but you have to
be totally finished by Friday.
This week's number is
Ok, you can stop laughing now. We have the
next 4 days.. to do 11 miles..
and you are thinking
Well, it gets even worse.
Izzy and I decided we'd hit the road this afternoon
around 3:00pm.
We had just under 2 miles finished
and Izzy decided to jump right
into the consolidated canal by our house
and chase after some ducks!
So what did I do?
Cease running and
start walking.
But I was exhausted! 2 miles and I was toast.
Izzy being in the canal was my opportunity to call it quits.
She swam around in there for a minute
or two, climbed her way
out, and shook
that nasty water off all over the place.
Not a care in the world!

I've come to the conclusion that I
need to start smaller.
Not having
run consistently
since, honestly, I can't even remember
when, is going to take a little more time to getting back
into the swing of things than I had hoped.
But that's ok right?
I'm just happy to be healthy
right now and to enjoy how beautiful the
weather has been these past few days.
I love Arizona!

Today's exact mile count: 3.43 mi