Thursday, February 17, 2011

If you were 1' 3" and hairy

... you'd probably spend your day

ripping you your pillows
and spreading them
all over my bedroom floor
creating a wintery looking wonderland.

Then you'd probably catch up on your reading.

You'd stick your head out the car window...

and then you would drive the car.

When you got home,
you'd chew up some more of my stuff
and spread it all over the
family room floor.

Then it would probably be time for a nap.

You'd get your hair done.

And play dress up.

Then you'd take another nap.

When you woke up,
you'd chew up my Tupperware.

And just before you called it a day, you'd
probably eat something else you
weren't supposed to
and leave the evidence hanging out of
your mouth!