Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Absolutely Adorable Kitchen Curtains

Collin gave me a Barnes & Noble gift card this year for Christmas! So
we've spent some time the past couple of weeks browsing
the bookshelves, looking for the perfect book to buy.
I still haven't found it, BUT I did discover
an absolutely adorable idea for our kitchen curtains!

I found it in this book.
Who knew Marie Osmond could sing and sew?

They took a little longer than I expected, probably about 5 hours
or so once all was said and done. But they are totally worth it!

You're going to need (depending on your window size):

- 10 strips of cute fabric to match your kitchen
- 2 pieces of background fabric (approximately the size of your window)
- 2 pieces of extra fabric (about the width of each piece of background fabric)
- Curtain rod and hanging supplies

I started out by first drawing the dimensions of the window.
My suggestion would be to cut each of the 10 strips of fabric about
8 to 10 inches wider and 2 inches taller (since you will be layering them)
than your window actually is... you'll want to have some wiggle room!
The pattern is designed to sew each side separately.

After you've determined your window dimensions, you're going to cut
and iron each of your fabric strips. The pattern I
drew out calls for 5 ruffles, a total of 10 strips of fabric. I used
3 different fabric colors and
alternated them.

While ironing, I folded the edges over (if you look real close you can see it
in the picture!) so that I could sew each of the sides
and make it look a little more finished.
For this I used a simple straight stitch.

Once you've cut and ironed your 10 strips you're
going to need to cut 2 pieces
of background material. These pieces of fabric should be cut to almost the exact
height of your window and about 2 inches wider (per piece.)

From here you will begin layering your fabric strips!

Sewing them on is quite simple! Ya just
pinch and pin the fabric strips to the
background fabric and sew
straight across! I used a zig-zag
stitch, but a simple straight stitch would probably suffice!

You're going to continue that pinch-and-sew pattern
ten times, layering the fabric as
you go. I overlapped each of them about one inch.

The last sewing step is to sew a loop-of sorts-along the top
for your curtain rod to go through. You're
going to use those two extra pieces of fabric approximately
the width of each piece of background fabric.
(You just have to eyeball this depending on how
large your curtain rod is.)

Annnnd... Wa-La!
The finished product!