Monday, January 10, 2011

4 Secrets That Help My Work Day Fly By

1. Pack a healthy snack.
(Now we're not talking Lays BBQ chips or M&Ms or sugar cookies or even diet coke.
NO. We're talking popcorn and a sliced apple.
A bag of Pop Weaver Light Butter only has
200 Calories
That will keep you munching for quite a while.
OR. The other ladies at work like to snack on cucumbers or celery
soaked in lemon juice and sprinkled with salt.
>10 calories (depending on the serving size of course.)

2. Pin up a couple of pictures.
At our company Christmas dinner one of my friends went around and took
a picture of everyone with their spouse.
She then printed out a copy for each person to put in a frame
on their desk! She said, "It's so everyone can remember why
they come to work everyday. We do it for our loved ones!"
What a thoughtful gesture.

3. Make it a game.
Sometimes I try and race the clock.
I give myself a set amount of minutes to finish a task
go! I'm usually surprised at how much a can
actually get done when i do this.

4. Keep a running list.
I love list-making.
Thus, I make them at work:
grocery list
to-do list
gift list
wish list
why i love collin list
calorie list
and ect!