Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Class? Huhh?

I walked into my class this afternoon expecting to be about 10 minutes late, only to find a completely empty classroom. I looked at my watch a few times. No, it I WAS actually late, not early. But apparently class had been canceled? I can't complain though. Collin's working (I guess when you get married you have to start doing grown-up things like get a job and wear slacks and stuff.) So now I've got 2 extra hours to work on homework, ect. It's funny how easy little things, if you let them, can turn into annoyances (ex. class being canceled and I came anyway.) But it's also funny to me to realize how easy little things (if you let them) really turn out to be tender mercies. Thankfully I married somebody who helps me see the latter :]]