Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Beginning of Happily Ever After

The first time I saw Collin was just about a year before I actually knew who he was! I was a freshmen at ASU, and had just moved away from home for the first time. He was playing baseball for Chandler-Gilbert and living in Mesa. At the very beginning of the school year the LDS Institute on the ASU campus was having a "Back-to-School" social for all institute students. It was a fun evening where I met a lot of people. Nearing the end of the evening I remembered seeing a couple of very large, very muscley guys. One of them in particular was especially handsome. He was wearing a bright green "V-neck" t-shirt. I remember being almost taken aback by him. I thought to myself; would I ever date a guy like that!? If I had only known then that I would end up marrying him !! I probably would have peed my pants. It wasn't until a year later that I saw him again, when we officially met for the first time. [And believe it or not, it was the following school year at the LDS Institute opening social! Funny how life plays out like that for you.] And, as they say, the rest was history. :]